Feedback from Alexandra Park School

“The Patron of Reading scheme is a great way to put schools in touch with published authors keen to work in schools.  It’s not something I had heard of independently, so I am very glad that the Big Green Bookshop not only introduced me to the scheme, but also suggested an author to work with us.

Sam Enthoven is local and brimming with enthusiasm.  We are still in the early days of the scheme but, in initial discussions, he has been full of great ideas for encouraging reading in the school.  These go well beyond the standard format of talks and workshops that most one-day author visits would offer, and he has already launched his role with an innovative ‘reading doctor’ clinic in which he ‘prescribed’ books for reluctant readers.

I hope that the opportunity to work with a single author over a period of years not days will lead to a real depth of collaboration, with more of this sort of personal engagement with our students and their individual interests.” Head of English