A manifesto

Inspired by the Patron of Reading conference 2015, here’s a manifesto for the Haringey Chapter:

Patron of Reading: Haringey Chapter – a manifesto (summary)

  1. Our goal is a patron of reading for every school in Haringey.
  2. We will build a diverse community of patrons – writers, illustrators, storytellers, poets and graphic novelists – to meet the diverse needs of Haringey schools.
  3. We will secure support from senior leaders to embed their patrons’ activity in the life of the school.
  4. We will support our patrons to share ideas, to have an impact across the curriculum and to include the wider school community – including families.
  5. We will champion the work of our patrons and build support for the Haringey Chapter.
  6. We will support the national Patron of Reading initiative.

To read or download the full manifesto, please click here.