Spotlight on: North Harringay Primary School

Monthly posts focusing in on Patron of Reading activity in different Haringey schools.

This month’s spotlight post has been written by Emma Hassan (Assistant Head Teacher at North Harringay Primary) about their patron of reading Daniel Whelan.

You can read Daniel’s Story for World Book Day at

Daniel has also road-tested some workshop activities with children from NHP – before unleashing them on the wider world. A great example of the mutual benefits that the Patron of Reading initiative can bring.

Will Daniel’s experiences at NHP influence his next book though..?

Emma writes:

Having a Patron of Reading has really helped to promote a love of reading in our school this year.  It all kicked off last year when Daniel presented his book to our current year 6 pupils at Wood Green Library.  (The week before we had attended the Patron of Reading event at the library.)  We were the first school Daniel spoke to about his book so we thought we should ask him to be our Patron of Reading which he kindly accepted.

Since then, Daniel has been so enthusiastic about promoting books and a love for reading which is rubbing off on our children.  Daniel has carried out workshops, writing his own version of a story in order to inspire the children before a whole school writing task, taken an assembly and created a bank of questions to use for our weekly ‘Question of the Week’ assemblies.

Daniel has also made us aware of various reading events such as the Haringey Children’s Book Awards ceremony at Heartlands High in April.  He very kindly gave us his own copy of Phoenix as he had finished reading it.  We set up a reading group in Year 6 and they have really enjoyed reading the books on the shortlist.  This has inspired some of our normally unenthusiastic readers to really enjoy reading.  One parent commented that she had never seen her child read at such length (he was reading The boy in the Tower).  The next day he came in and couldn’t wait to tell us about the book and was recommending it to the other children in the book group.  He is normally a reluctant reader but he has read through all books on the shortlist with such enthusiasm.  This may not have happened had we not known about this ceremony from Daniel.

As you can see, we have had a great start to the year and we are looking forward to continuing our quest for promoting a love of reading!